Alexandra Marcoin-Karacsonyi

Managing Director,

Alexandra Marcoin-Karacsonyi holds a MSc. in Management from ESSEC (France) and an MBA from Stanford University (USA). She spent the first 15 years of her career working for several multinational companies in France, the USA, Germany and Switzerland. In 2015, she founded Elixir Consulting to provide strategic and go-to-market advice to start-ups, and is now a Board Advisor to several Swiss Fintech start-ups. In 2015 as well, she became the Founder and President of PWN Geneva-Lausanne, the local antenna of PWN Global, a non-profit association working towards gender balanced leadership. Building upon her experience as a former senior employee and  of President of a network of senior female professionals,  as well as  partner of innovative start-ups, Alexandra launched early in 2017. brings innovative tools and methodologies to Human Resources professionals to allow them to tremendously improve their employee satisfaction and retention rates.