Anne de Chambrier

Co-Founder of the PTO Association, Job Sharing Consultant

Anne de Chambrier has a dual educational path; she is a graduate of the Basel Musikakademie, where she completed classical music studies and obtained a Viola Diploma. She performed in Neuchatel Symphonic Orchestra from 1990 to 2009. She also holds Masters in Economic studies from Neuchâtel and Sussex Universities. Throughout her professional career, she has remained faithful to both her passions. Indeed, Anne started her career at Silicon Graphics, as a Marketing specialist and Business analyst. In 2008, she joined the Economic Cooperation and Development Division at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). Anne also contributes from time to time to economic publications (La Vie économique). She has been working part time and in job sharing as Program Manager in Trade promotion during 9 years. Inspired by this sustainable and successful working partnership, Anne co-founded the PTO Association (Part-Time Optimisation) in 2013 along with Irenka Krone. Today, she continues to be active in the PTO Association as a Job Sharing Expert and Coach.  In parallel to these activities, she remains very active in the promotion of art and classical music in her home town of Neuchâtel and is the President of a well-known association organizing concerts and cultural events (