Jenny Schäpper-Uster

President, Coworking Switzerland

Jenny Schäpper-Uster has extensive Marketing and Product Management experience and has worked for internationally focused Swiss SMEs for over 20 years.  Ms. Schäpper-Uster received a B.A. in Business Administration from Boston University and a MA in International Management from UNIL-HEC in Lausanne.

Jenny discovered Coworking four years ago after her employer no longer allowed her to work part-time from her home office.  She didn’t really like to work from home anyway but the commute just made no sense and her work was project based and would have allowed her to work from anywhere. But where she wondered? A few googles later she was introduced to a new trend that enticed her to open her own Coworking space in  Büro Lokal  Wil (SG) and then ultimately co-found Coworking Switzerland.  Interest led to passion which has since become her calling in life.  Why commute when you could work more efficiently and be more socially connected locally?