Paul Rupert

President Rupert & Company, Director Respectful Exits, USA

Paul Rupert is President of Washington, DC-based Rupert & Company. He started managing flexibly with his first start-up in 1972 and has combined general management, consulting, coaching, training and research expertise in service to more than a hundred major US and global companies ranging from Aetna and Amgen to Sodexo and Xerox.

He served as Associate Director of flexible work and job sharing think tank New Ways to Work (San Francisco) from 1986 to 1991 and Flexibility Practice Leader of WFD Consulting (Boston) from 1992-2000. Considered a thought leader in the field, Paul is quoted regularly in the national media such as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes and produces a widely read newsletter, blog and articles in the business press. He is a graduate of Stanford University.