Saskia Harthoorn & Anita van Rozen

Senior Policy Officers, Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Their job-sharing started more than 8 years ago. Since then they are an enthusiastic and dynamic team working on the bilateral economic relations between the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Their work for the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berne consists of identifying projects, fostering the bilateral cooperation in the fields of innovation, sustainability and design, and last but not least providing market and policy information.
They are convinced and complementary job-sharers, according to the formula 1 + 1 = 3. Together you come up with more ideas and you reach out to more people. The work always continues. With almost every day a fresh view from the other it is hugely motivating to bring projects to a satisfying end.

An open-minded and positive attitude is essential for job-sharers. One must be able and willing to share information since the common goal is more important than the individual career. On top of all that, the ideal situation is that each works 3 days, meaning there is 1 day overlap, which gives enough room for handing over.