Valérie Borioli Sandoz

Member of Executive Committee, Equality Policy, Travail.Suisse

Since 2007, Valérie Borioli Sandoz holds the position of Policy Officer and Member of Executive Committee at Travail.Suisse. Travail.Suisse is the independent federation of trade unions and employee organizations in Switzerland. Valérie is in charge of the political aspects of gender equality on the labour market.

In addition to her regular lobbying activities for gender equality and conciliation at the Swiss Parliament, she successfully launched several informational websites, dedicated to the workforce in Switzerland. One of them is, addressed to pregnant working women and their employers: it informs both employees and employers about legal issues, health protection and offers advice on various ways to organize this particular period, be it before or after maternity leave. Another website created by Valérie is This web space focuses on working people providing care for their aged relatives. It delivers information on best practices, regional addresses and where to find help.  This website offers advice in three languages. Both websites development projects received financial support from the Federal Office for Gender Equality. Valérie represents Travail.Suisse in several extra parliamentary commissions.

Valérie was born and raised in the Canton of Neuchâtel, where she obtained her Master of Arts from Neuchâtel University, in Geography, Ethnology and Journalism. She also received a Post Graduate Diploma in Communication Sciences from Sierre Uni-Distance. She’s married and is the mother of two grown-up children.